Get a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for an Exceptional Mobile Experience



Be sure to purchase from the links above for a reduced retail rate! We’ve gotten a hold of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and boy is it worth the money! The note 4 boasts a slick modern design, small enough to fit in your pocket, but large enough to enjoy watching your favorite movies. The Samsung guys have clearly outdone themselves with this one. Pre-orders & sales are already through the roof, so be sure to pre-order purchase above to ensure you’ll get your day one phablet.

We’ve compiled some information below showing you the cool features Samsung has loaded into their phone. We’ll tell you everything there is to know!. But first off, we’d like to compare our concept image with the actual image:

Our concept image

Concept Image |

And here is the actual phone:

Pretty close huh?! Our graphic designers did quite an exemplary job. The concept was just slightly wider than the actual. Anyway, enough of that. Now for some facts and information.

1# New Advanced casing in Galaxy Note 4

Weeks before the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, there were rumors that the company was opting to produce aluminum backed phones instead of the popular plastic-backed gadgets. As we all know, those rumors were misplaced as the gadget came out with a plastic casing. However, later the company sent its team of experts to Vietnam to study ways of replacing the plastic casing with magnesium or aluminum casing. The new phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be the first ever aluminum cased gadget in the market.

2# Ditch the Small display screen- Experience the YOUM Displays

Over the years, Samsung have developed a trend of increase the size of the display screen by 0.2 inches on every new gadget. The previous Note had a 5.3 inch high resolution screen that was ideal for watching movies, playing music and gaming. The company has gone a step further to create an even enormous display screen to give you that spectacular smart notepad experience that you have being yearning for. It is expected that the company will break its tradition and give its customers a bigger display screen of approximately 5.9 inches. There is literally no task that you cannot execute with such as huge and powerful display at your disposal in the Note 4.

3# Three-sided Display- The bendable display is finally here

It is rumored that the display will be three-sided. That is, using Samsung unique screen technology, one will be able to read messages and surf the internet at any angle. The prototypes that has being in the public domain for the last one year now had a fold-edged screen. Rumors have it that the manufacturing company plans to use AMOLED Ultra HD screen which has a high resolution of 3480 x 2160 pixels. Quick arithmetic shows that this screen will be able to deliver up to 820 pixels. The thought of being able to view text in three different angles is quite mind boggling. Only time will tell if Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will muscle up to the expectations of its fans.

4# Lighting Speed data processing capabilities

Time is of essence if you want to make it in life. The geniuses behind this modern gadget understand this fact too well and that is why they have worked smart to incorporate a 64-bit processor that runs on a customized ARM own core in Galaxy Note 4. This will make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a technologically savvy gadget that can perform a wide range of tasks all at the same time. The company officials promise to provide more advanced gadgets that will have a higher processing speed that is specifically customized according to the target audience expectations.

5# Classic yet powerful camera

Everyone loves a gadget that can take high quality videos and pictures at different angles and in any environment. Samsung Note 4’s engineers have created a 16 mega pixel slim line camera that will surely take your photo sessions to the next level. That’s not all; it’s backed up by optical image stabilizer technology that is very effective in facilitating capturing of high precision images. One will be able to take clear pictures of any target from miles away using its exceptional high zooming capabilities.

6# Handwriting recognition

Based on the fact that this high end gadget called Galaxy Note 4  is expected to be expensive, there is need for it to ensure that your privacy and security is not compromised. The engineers are currently working on a handwriting recognition screen lock. One will have to write two or three words on the screen to unlock it and access all its unique features. This is a bit different from Note 2 and 3 that allows one to unlock the screen using a signature. There will be no limit on the number of phrases that you can write on the screen to gain full access to the phablet. There are also rumors that it will have a fingerprint sensor, meaning only authorized personnel will be able to access user’s personal files.

7# 100% waterproof

This is another major aspect that is expected to give this new gadget a higher cutting edge in the market. The manufacturing company had earlier opted for Laser Direct Structuring antenna but later dropped it for the new advanced High Performance In-Mold Antenna that is much easier to waterproof than the later. This will give Samsung Galaxy Note 4 high waterproofing capabilities than any other electronic gadget in the market as it will be able to handle a splash or two without shutting down.

8# Design Tweaks

Samsung is known to introduce designs tweaks on all their new products. The upcoming Note 4 will be no exception; it’s expected to have a perforated back cover that is very similar to Samsung S4. Currently, details about its weight and size are scanty but it’s believed that this new phone will be much bigger than Note 3 but lighter.

9# New Interactive Software and interface

The new gadget will run on interactive simple software whose functions will be clearly demarcated. This will make it a good choice for both experienced and new users who are not conversant with functionalism of previous Samsung Galaxy Note models. One of the major features that are expected in Galaxy Note 4 is the Ultra Power Saving Mode that will be more advanced than the one in Galaxy S4. This one is tailored to switch off all unnecessary features and apps in a bid to conserve battery power and life. Hence, you will not need to keep recharging it while on the go. The Lithium-ion battery is designed to store enough power to keep the gadget on for three days.

Update; 31st May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has got a lot of new rumors & feature updates in last month. One major update is the presence of thin & sleek body! Yes, the smartphone + tablet gadget will be a thin device which you can hold in your palm easily, despite of its big size. It also means that it will be a light weighed phone so you carry it with proud and passion.

With most brands releasing heavy weight smartphones, even iphones being not very thin, Note 4 is believed to set new trends. It has already kicked off Apple, HTC & the likes of other brands in terms of popularity. I personally love Galaxy Note series & eagerly wait for the next Note!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be one of the most advanced smart gadgets to ever hit the shelves. I am excited, are you?

Update; 1st Jul 2014

We have learned a lot more news about the new Samsung Galaxy. The new battery for the Note 4 is expected to be a 3200 mAh Battery, which will be able to provide a longer use life than the note 3. We have also learned about the body size as well as the weight of the new Phablet. The body dimensions are now expected to be -5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38 inches with a weight of 178 grams. Also these new revelations may change in time, we expect these rumors to be quite close to the actual specs.

We have created a full spec list for you to look at.